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Shipwire literally stole my moneY worth 10,000USD or more, So finally i started complaining and telling the True story about them over the internet so i get some public's attention, otherwise i was simply kicked out/asked NOT to use shipwire anymore by indian customer success manager Poonam Ram!!!!

whats the problem?

i signed up few years ago,

first days they seemed quite professional and fast service providing company, so i trusted on them and tried to keep my merchandise in their warehouses in LA, PA, and other counries like UK, Canada.

i sell hair extensions, my hair is one of the top quality Expensive hair in the world, And i wanted to focus on more productions so i could rely on shipwire's logistics solving, hopefully!!!!

as soon as business started, shipswire causing me errors while shipping my order, missing quantities, long unknown delays, horrible customer service - as no responding to my emails, lies thru emails and phone calls saying that 2hours time respond be provided however it took them 2days or more for a resond, damages to merchandise, and absolutely loss of money, lost merchandise inside warehouse, while shipping out, and delivered parcel with missing merchandise. funny, scary and quite big financial lossy!!!!

i placed up to 80,000USD worth merchandise in their warehouse, guess what, they lost at least 10,000USD worth merchandise inside the warehouse, however i asked them to take pictures and have me see them, guess what??? i had to open a special project with their office/warehouse and they would charge me at least few Hundred dollars for to take pictures for me and At least 2weeks they should hold my merchandise for no shipping out at all while them taking pictures of my stored merchandise!!!! i do 24/7 business, i can NOT stop my business for 2 weeks or so because shipwire taking photos of merchandise does need 2 weeks time or more, even thou my merchandise up to 80,000USD worth they do not take large spaces to store them, taking pictures can NOT take 2weeks, its not making a movie, simply shoot some pictures, maximum like a small dinner table size space needed for all my merchandise, and my merchandise are quite medium size like a wholewheat bread size, so it is not tiny some like chinese keychains or mini toys, you could make a picture of my merchandise in 3 minutes maximum, lets say 15minutes if you a lazy worker, but NOT 2 WEEKS or more thou. loss of time, money, customers here.

so, im placing my fullfilment order with shipwire, and they do not ship the order as they promise, Guaranteed same day shipping, no way, most times they never ship same day, absolute LIERS!!!! i have tons of proofs, they say guaranteed next day shipping, no way!!!, it works sometimes but most times it is not the guaranteed next day, it is probably guaranteed sometime shipping within a week or so!!!! this causes another loss of money, and it is actually an extra paid service. so you losign here another extra bucks.

the worst is, they shipped my boxes to my customers, and guess what? delay was at least few days, sometimes few weeks, which meant a nightmare for my customer, i had to refund back the funds and also compensate sometimes from my own pocket because of shipwire's long delays, and also pay my return shipping fees, as sometimes customers refuse the orders as of long delays and return shippings fees arised, another horrible financial losses., no way i was covered here at all, lost tons of money. even thou they try to email you saying apologieas and offering some handling fee refunds which is 3.50$, but i was losing hundreds of dollars here!!!

and the main big loss was, shipwire shipped my large packages few times and reported me that All merchandise requested on checklist was shipped out to my customer, guess what??? my customer opens the package and sees missing merchandise worth thousands of dollars, a nightmare!!!! my customer almost called a police, thinking that i was sending her half of her order, packages with missing units inside were simply a BIG LOSS, Nightmare, Trouble, you tell me a right word.

you will not believe me, but i lost at least 10,000USD worth merchandise, Time, my Health, Customers, Business reputatuion, and etc,.

i have few images of my conversation with shipwire managers attached to public below,

i hope shipwire will have such bad rainy days on their business as well, God sees all!!!! my experince is that how badly they got me into deep financial loss....

This person wrote the review because of "lost huge amounts of money" of shipwire shipping service from Shipwire and attached photo s. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $10000 and wants Shipwire to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Yeah I was one of the dumbasses messing up your pink box hair extetions lmao

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